The Microsystem of the Ear

An empirical discovery verified now by f-MRI brain scan

A microsystem is the projection of the whole body in its function and structure on certain parts of the body. They can be found on the scalp, the face, the feet, the hands, the iris, the ear. Thanks to the discovery of Paul Nogier, auriculomédecine has developed into a most sophisticated art.

The World Health Organisation recognised this practice in a historical gathering in Lyon in 1990.

How It Works

Neurological Aspects

Simply put, the common analogy represents the brain as a living computer: inside this computer is a “map” of the entire body; this map is projected onto the ear through the body’s nervous system, making the auricle like a computer screen display; accessing the points on the auricle "screen" is then like using a computer’s keyboard to gain entrance into the system.

The relation between ear points and organs is mediated by the autonomic nervous system.

What protocol

Detection of the Auricular Reflex Points

French physicians suggested already in the 1970s that the auricle can be used for care and also for the diagnosis of organs dysfunctions.

Vascular Autonomic Signal

Paul Nogier discovered this signal in 1966. He realized that it was a generalized response of the autonomic nervous system.

assessment and stimulation

Laser – Low Level Laser is a noninvasive sophisticated method that stimulates auricular points by applying laser light at precise specific frequencies.


I have been practicing chiropractic for more than forty years doing what chiropractors are good at: that is adjusting vertebral subluxations in order to give the body a chance to heal, therefore no treatment or therapy applied, just removing interference to the life force within; today I am still doing this work of letting nature express itself as it is supposed to do. However I have a second interest, and this is how it all started: a few years ago I heard that auriculotherapy was having a positive effect on smoking cessation; I got interested in this technique. I was living in Italy at the time not too far from Lyon, the birthplace of auriculotherapy where the GLEM, started by Paul Nogier in 1965, is still teaching the art. So I went to Lyon by road, air or railway, every time gaining moreknowledge from the source. The first motivation was to learn a unique trick: how to help quit smoking, but I fell into the fascination of this art and kept studying and applying the art to my friends and family with astonishing success for various conditions. You can pass a lifetime studying at the GLEM and still be learning, in fact after the two years program, open to health practitioners, you can follow up with the Cours Supérieur headed by Dr. Jean-Luc Vigneron and never stop learning from him and fellow “students”, most of them old timers in auriculo but animated by the same thirst of learning as the younger. However I heard about the school of Frank Bahr, himself a student of Nogier, who had developed his own research and development in Germany; I got curious of what he had to offer and, not speaking german, I went off to Canada to study his findings taught by Muriel Agnes and staff of the Vital Principle Institute / Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine. That is where I got the Level II certification. Later on, Frank Bahr was invited for the first time since he left the Nogier group three decades ago, by the École Internationale Paul Nogier in Lyon to give a course on his method.

In Germany Frank Bahr only speaks german but in France he had to come back to speaking french for the delight of the audience. I was able then to put together what I had learned in Canada as well as get to know new developments. My following courses given in english language took place in Milan with Dr. Uwe Peterman from the german school who demonstrated how to take care of dogs and horses using the principles of auriculo, mainly with LASER and the monitoring of the VAS, and later in Athens with Frank Bahr; fortunately the course was not given in german nor greek, but in plain english. The nice thing about auriculo as well as with chiro, is that they are fascinating to the curious and open minded, so that you never get bored when attending seminars. It is called auriculomédecine because it has been founded and elaborated by pioneers who were enlightened physicians, but it has nothing to do with present day medicine, as auriculomédecine is purely a micro-information "medicine" using quantum amount of energy for diagnostic as well as for care.

Auriculomédecine, A New Approach In Health Care

Frequently Asked Question

How are active points determined?
Current technology enables modern auricular practitioners to not only locate active points but also detect polarity (Bahr detector) and determine whether a gold needle or silver needle is indicated. The most sophisticated instruments, along with the fine perception of the VAS, are used and can determine which points are most active in identifying energetic blockages/foci, and the type of care that is needed for those points. Low Level Lasers combined with specific frequencies are used for detection as well as for care.
How many sessions are necessary?
It depends upon the case. There is no set number of visits for any health condition. In some cases only one visit is necessary. As a general rule, most people with long standing, chronic issues can plan on coming in for 6-12 sessions.
Are there any unpleasant reactions?
In the case of a chronic condition, one may experience a “retracing” of symptoms. In other words, in some cases a patient may feel their body going through symptoms that took place during a condition’s development in the past, a reversal of symptoms, rather than immediate pain relief - a very good sign that the body is working its way back toward health. Then gradually those symptoms ease up, to finally disappear.
Can children receive care?
Yes, even infants. The preferred application is usually LASER in this case.